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Are you a black business owner?

Did you know that there are 2 million black-owned businesses across America? How well do the consumers in your city know you? We created Spendefy to help you market your business to consumers in your city and on the web.

We make it easy for
consumers to do three things:

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Consumers can discover your amazing business while online using our digital platform.

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Consumers can connect with your unique story, post reviews and share your business with friends.

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Consumers can support your business by purchasing your products and services.

  • Tell your story.
    Get noticed.
    Get customers.

    At Spendefy, we’re looking for real businesses with
    real stories. If you have a unique story, we want to
    hear it! Your story will provide a source of inspiration
    to aspiring entrepreneurs and conscious consumers in
    your city and across the nation.

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Spendefy is your
marketing partner.

Spendefy makes it easy for consumers to discover, connect and support your business. Our Monthly and Yearly plans gives you the ability to market your business in a way that will gain you new and loyal customers.

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A premium business listing just for you!

Spendefy offers a unique online experience, making it easy for you to manage your business listing, monitor your traffic, and engage your customers.

Reward customers.
Build loyalty.

Gain loyal customers by offering discounts and more to Spendefy Customer Card Holders.

Is there a contract to join Spendefy?

No – We don’t require a contract. However, we do require that your business is active and compliant with the Secretary of State. This is how we verify your business. We don’t believe in locking you into any long-term contracts. If you sign up for a Spendefy Business Membership, you can cancel your membership at any time.

Is there a discount if I refer a business?

No – We do offer a referral fee for business owners and consumers who refer other business owners to Spendefy. In fact, we encourage it. Each business you refer who signs up for a Spendefy Business Membership makes you eligible for a referral fee.

Is Spendefy just for black business owners?

Yes – We’re currently focusing our energy and efforts on partnering with, supporting and engaging black-owned businesses and black business owners. Our goal is to make it easy for consumers to discover amazing black-owned businesses in their city.

Is Spendefy open to all cities?

Yes – Our platform is open to all major cities in the US. In order for us to launch your city on our platform, we need a minimum of 100 businesses to sign up for a FREE Listing or become a Spendefy Business Member.

Still have questions? Tweet us at @spendefy for answers.

We’re connecting you
to conscious consumers.

As a black business owner, you have
an incredible opportunity to position
yourself in front of today’s most loyal
customer, the “conscious consumer”.

FREE Consumer Report

  • “Why not support Black owned business I think they are great!!! As long as they are selling reasonable products and have a good reputation I would support them.”

    - Arlicia Scretchen, Conscious Consumer

  • “We need to support our black businesses. It’s more than just spending our money differently, it’s understanding WHY – that creates sustainability.”

    - Keilah Johnson, Conscious Consumer

  • “My biggest problem with black-owned businesses is that I don’t know where they are.”

    - Rolando Lamb Jr., Founder of LIMR

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