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We are expanding Spendefy to major cities across the US, and we need your help! As a consumer, your dollar and your actions have exponential power to make a difference.

If you believe in growing black businesses and want to help Spendefy expand, we’re offering you 3 ways to get involved.

1-2-3 Ways to Get Involved

Spendefy Advocate

Become a Spendefy Advocate and support a solution we can all be proud of.

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Spendefy Ambassador

Become a Spendefy Ambassador and help bring Spendefy to your city!

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Spendefy Business

Become a Spendefy Business and get your business on Spendefy today!

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    Become a Spendefy Advocate

    Are you familiar with the idea of crowdfunding? It’s when conscious
    individuals like you leverage your dollar for a different type of solution.
    Help make history by becoming a Spendefy Advocate. Back Spendefy with
    $10, $25 or $50 a month pledge and support a solution we can all be proud of.

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    Or make a one-time Contribution

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    Become a Spendefy Ambassador

    Bring Spendefy to your city! For Spendefy to expand and launch
    successfully in your city, we need at least 100 black-owned
    businesses from your area to sign up for a FREE business listing.
    As an Ambassador you will help spread the word, and get business
    owners on our exclusive platform. Make Spendefy a reality in your
    city by applying to be a Spendefy Ambassador today!


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    Become a Spendefy Business

    Are you a black business owner? Did you know that there are 2 million
    black-owned businesses across America? How well do the consumers in
    your city know you? We created Spendefy to help you market your
    business to consumers in your city and on the web. Get a FREE
    Business Listing on Spendefy TODAY, or become a monthly or yearly
    customer of Spendefy and get MORE perks and benefits.


Guiding Principles.

1. Choose to Spend Different.

Spending different is a lifestyle; not a hashtag. Make a conscious choice everyday to leverage your spending power for economic and social good.

2. Support Black Businesses.

Discover amazing black-owned businesses in your city with Spendefy. Adopt a lifestyle of shopping with black-owned businesses.

3. Support Black-Owned Banks.

Find a local black-owned bank and open up an account with $100. Having a financial stake in a black-owned bank is one way you can do good.

4. Post It. Share It.

Spread the word about amazing black-owned businesses in your city. Post your experiences. Share it. And tag #spendefy and #spenddifferent.

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  • “Why not support Black owned business I think they are great!!! As long as they are selling reasonable products and have a good reputation I would support them.”

    - Arlicia Scretchen, Conscious Consumer

  • “We need to support our black businesses. It’s more than just spending our money differently, it’s understanding WHY – that creates sustainability.”

    - Keilah Johnson, Conscious Consumer

  • “My biggest problem with black-owned businesses is that I don’t know where they are.”

    - Rolando Lamb Jr., Founder of LIMR

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