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We’re expanding Spendefy to major cities across the US in 2017 and we need your help! As a consumer, your dollar and your actions have exponential power to make a difference. If you believe America is better when black and brown communities are better, then support us as we support black-owned businesses across America.







We Are Crowdfunding for 2017!

Help us reach our goal of $55,000 by Dec 31st.

Since January 1, 2016, Spendefy has been able to help thousands of people discover, connect, and support amazing black-owned businesses in their city. Now we’re ready to expand to cities across America in 2017. But we cannot do it without your help! Beginning at midnight on Black Friday, we are crowdfunding to finish developing our app and to begin our nationwide expansion. We need to raise $55,000 by Dec 31st. Help us reach our goal by supporting us as we support black-owned businesses around the country.

Once our crowdfunding campaign ends on December 31st, we will host a NYE Event to celebrate our 1yr anniversary.
“You are invited!”

FEBRUARY 1, 2017

Our crowdfunding campaign will help us finish the development of our app. We plan to release our app on Feb 1, 2017.


Once we meet our crowdfunding goal, we will be able to expand Spendefy to a new city every month starting February 2017.

  • “Why not support Black owned business I think they are great!!! As long as they are selling reasonable products and have a good reputation I would support them.”

    - Arlicia Scretchen, Conscious Consumer

  • “We need to support our black businesses. It’s more than just spending our money differently, it’s understanding WHY – that creates sustainability.”

    - Keilah Johnson, Conscious Consumer

  • “My biggest problem with black-owned businesses is that I don’t know where they are.”

    - Rolando Lamb Jr., Founder of LIMR